iri – Wonderland / THE FIRST TAKE

iri – matenrou / THE FIRST TAKE

iri One Man Live 2017

0:00 Intro
1:22 無理相反
4:31 breaking dawn
7:57 Wandering
11:33 Never end
15:18 ナイトグルーヴ
18:48 半疑じゃない
23:02 Watashi
27:35 blue hour
31:25 Fancy City
36:56 your answer
41:24 会いたいわ
46:14 rhythm
50:14 フェイバリット女子
55:30 brother

Live performance of iri in 2017. This video is off of her Juice CD+DVD version. This DVD displays her full performance live and also includes full MVs of rhythm, Watashi, and Telephone feat. 5lack.

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